Thanks to new regulation passed in May 2016 by Congress in Title III of the Jobs Act, now being an investor is no longer only for the rich.  Today, anyone (even if you make less than $100,000 a year) can invest up to $2,000 into private and public companies, making it not only easier for startups to secure seed funding but also allowing those who would normally not be allowed to invest in the stock market the opportunity to become stakeholders and access additional wealth.

QwikTrips, Inc. is a privately held corporation incorporated in the State of Delaware. Thanks to this new regulation referred to as Regulation CF (Crowdfunding) we will soon be making an offering of common stock to the general public using a secure and SEC approved platform called  WeFunder is a crowdfunding service that connects startups to investors online, it is the largest Regulation Crowdfunding platform by every measure.

QwikTrips, Inc. will soon begin offering supporters the opportunity to become stakeholders in our business and invest in shares through with just a minimum of $100.  WeFunder allows investors to own a share of the businesses they love and support.  This means that if you believe in our business model and have at least $100 on hand, you can purchase shares/stocks for QwikTrips, Inc, and when we make money so do YOU!

If you have thought about buying shares/stocks and trading in the stock market. This is a great opportunity to start with. Low investment risks and high expected returns are projected for QwikTrips, Inc. To learn more about our business model, review our business plan and financials and more, please visit our profile at  Currently, we are awaiting our codes from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) before we can begin legally making our offering. Once the codes have been received, we will announce the opportunity publicly via our site, press and social media.

VC and Angel Investors are encouraged to contact us with serious inquiries.