ATLANTA, GA – March 27, 2017 –  With over 2 million apps currently available in the Android and Apple app stores, a new company entering the on-demand industry is projected to disrupt the market. QwikTrips, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia, a city that is home to some of the top tech companies in the world announced plans to develop the next highly anticipated app. This new app designed by QwikTrips founder and Atlanta businesswoman, Shanta L. Hereford; will allow individuals and businesses to connect with screened and certified providers of almost every service industry.

“Today, you can find an app for nearly any type of service. The on-demand economy is growing at an accelerated pace, and QwikTrips aspires to be a part of this revolutionary era.” states Ms. Hereford. “However, we are taking a different approach than some of the top names in the on-demand industry such as Uber, Lyft and Postmates. Our app is all inclusive, it will have all of the features they have plus many they do not but users have expressed they want.”

Research shows that consumers are shifting to this new way of conducting business at a unprecedented rate because of the instant fulfillment of goods and services. QwikTrips promises to deliver on these expectations by giving users instant access to: screened drivers, movers, cleaners, health care professionals, mechanics, barbers, beauticians, massage therapists, physical trainers, general and skilled contractors and many other professionals in their local area. Users will use QwikTrips app to “book now” or “reserve” their service. Users will be required to make payments using their debit/credit card. All providers will be required to pass a comprehensive national background check and submit documentation based on their profession; i.e., state licenses, insurance, etc before they will be “active” on QwikTrips system. This flexible and convenient model is revolutionizing consumer behavior.  “The on-demand market is fractured into so many components. Why not have one platform that serves everyone’s on-demand needs? Why should I need a separate app for each service when it can all be in one marketplace?” asks Steve O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien is a respected and reputable app developer who owns Noble Applications based in Madison, WI. After speaking with Ms. Hereford and learning about her new app, Mr. O’Brien took genuine interest in QwikTrips. He and his colleagues at Noble Applications will play a major role in the app’s development and design. QwikTrips’ anticipated release for their new app is set for Fall 2017.  The company is actively seeking angel and VC investors and just launched a kickstarter campaign to help pay for development costs.

With QwikTrips revolutionary new app, the luxury of convenience and flexibility will now be all in one place. Users will be able to “get what they want, when they want, with just a few clicks”. As explained by Ms. Hereford, “QwikTrips will be making life easy QWIK! with our new All Inclusive App!

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